"To be the connection that enables non-profits and businesses to grow in their local communities by investing in one another's mission - to create awareness and develop strategic partnerships through the spirit of giving".  

Connecting Good Causes with Great Companies for Better Communities!

How the Long Island Way Achieves it’s Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote your organization through marketing strategies designed to increase your funding, provide support and connect you with other non-profits and businesses in the community.  This, in turn, develops long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

·       The Long Island Way builds financial stability, abundance and prosperity within our communities. We enhance our communities by bringing the business and non-profit sectors together.

·       We strengthen the visibility, client base revenue for non-profits and businesses in our communities.

·       We help forge strong communities through community service and business partnerships, energizing and inspiring people to make a difference.

·       We reinforce your branding, resulting in increased name recognition from increased exposure.

The Long Island Way rewards non-profits and businesses by giving back to each other …it’s a win-win all around! 

Our Mantra

Believe in the Mission, Participate in the Organization and Reap the Benefits!

The Long Island Way is the culmination of my life’s work — a business system that matches non-profits and established businesses to form mutually beneficial relationships. The mission of The Long Island Way — 'We connect people to help  make a difference through the spirit of giving’ — is my own mantra for life.   I have now created a way to merge my personal aspirations with a viable business model, engaging both the non-profit and business  communities on Long Island.”


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