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The Long Island Way is a for-profit partnership organization that cultivates sustainable communities by bridging the business and non-profit sectors through our online directory, event calendar and cause marketing programs.  The Long Island Way has captured the hearts and minds of individuals and companies committed to collaboration as the Way to realize a shared mission.

The Long Island Way is changing the marketing landscape for businesses and non-profits alike by creating a best-practice cause-related marketing process.  Through its Online Directory, Alliance Partners,  Business Partner Sponsors and Certified Community Ambassador Programs, The Long Island Way continues to engage hundreds of businesses and non-profits in relationships that create momentum, support and mutually beneficial outcomes.  While the business community provides resources and services, the non-profits link their business partners to a revelant cause, enhancing corporate name recognition and branding among various stakeholders within their community. 

It's a unique network of businesses and non-profits that work together to support each other in a way never before imagined. We promote, support and connect your business and non-profits to help them prosper and grow.

"Linking Businesses with Non-Profit For Good" 


Donna CarielloThe Long Island Way is the brainchild of Donna Cariello, whose diverse professional and volunteer experience make her uniquely suited to lead this innovative business concept. Donna has been identified as a visionary, a natural born leader and a creative, out-of-the-box thinker.

According to Donna, “The Long Island Way is the culmination of my life’s work.  It is a business system that matches non-profits and established businesses to form mutually beneficial relationships. Our mission is to make a difference through the "Spirit of Giving".  

Prior to founding The Long Island Way, Donna was an operations / administrative manager for the FedEx Corporation, overseeing an operational budget of $2.2 million.  As the manager of a Fortune 500 company, Donna earned the trust and respect of her colleagues and staff for her firm, fair and forward-thinking management style as well as her "Lead by Example" approach.

Donna Cariello demonstrates an active career in Long Island’s non-profit field. She sat on the Board of the Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women.  She has been active in UCPN of Nassau, Ronald McDonald House, Mother's Center, Canine Companions, HorseAbility, Hempstead Boys & Girls Club, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, United Way of Long Island, March of Dimes, Long Island Cares, LIVE (Long Island Volunteer Enterprise), AHC and more.  Donna also participated as an Advocate for 2020 Vision for the Child Care Council of Suffolk County.

Donna received recognition from the Long Island Press as a Fortune 52 Woman for making a significant contribution to the non-profit community. She has appeared on radio and TV and has been highlighted in publications. Additionally, Donna has a financial, relationship management and entrepreneurial and has been awarded numerous certificates in the fields of finance, management, community service and leadership.

Donna Cariello lives and breathes her core belief system...to make the world a better place…one person, one organization or one company at a time. It is evident through her everyday life … with her family, with her friends and with strangers…she walks her talk. Donna is recognized as seeing the best in people; She changes attitudes, uncovers choices, contributes welcoming ideas…and ignites enthusiasm!


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